Grade 4:

Theme 1: Journeys
Akiak, a Tale From the Iditarod

1.D.1.b - Discuss words and word meanings daily as they are encountered in texts, instruction, and conversation.
1.D.3.a Use context to determine the meaning of words, 3.A.3.b Identify and explain the elements of a story

Akiak PowerPoint - Vocabulary (Available in WCBOE's D2L "Instructional Resources" under "Grade 4, Reading, Activities." - login required)
Vocabulary practice - a vocabulary game for Akiak
EduPlace - vocabulary eWord Game, eGlossary for Akiak
Iditarod video - As Tough As They Come (1:57) from
- created by Teresa Parrott. Use after the students read the story. Story structure and words in context
Robert Blake's webpage. Click on the Akiak bookcover to read about how he wrote the story.
Persuasive writing with Akiak - a lesson plan - includes "Life of a Sled Dog" PowerPoint slideshow and worksheets for students.