Eastern Shore Partnership for Real-World Information Technology in Science

July 30, 2008
Karen Apolenis and Patti Weeg

Let's Take a Poll!

How would you describe your technology comfort level? Grab your cell phone and stay tuned for directions.

Geocaching and Science

The Science Spot - GPS and GIS Lesson Plans and Links

Geocaching - Locking into the satellites

Imagine the possibilities for science

Our Google Map showing where our caches were hidden.


Link to professional podcasts or have students make their own!


Gcast is free! All you need is an account and a phone.

Listen to your podcasts: www.gcast.com/u/techcoach/

Embed your podcast in a blog... for discussions around the podcast topic.

Science podcasts
Scientific American - Got a minute? 60 second podcasts
New York Times - Science podcasts
Science@NASA - Headline News - podcasts
New Scientist
Science Podcasts - by 8th grade students
Podcasting in Science - Why Not?

Social Bookmarking

Access your favorite websites from any computer connected to the Internet


Register for a del.icio.us account

Bookmarks that are saved with your browser button are public by default. In order to save private bookmarks, enable "private saving" in your settings. You won't be able to see your private bookmarks either unless you are logged in!

To view everyone's bookmarks about chemistry visit:delicious_chemistry.jpg

To see the most popular items tagged as chemistry visit:

The most popular tags in del.icio.us

Help files for del.icio.us

Yes! You can import your favorites already saved in your web browser into del.icio.us:
Importing bookmarks

Be sure to add these sites to your del.icio.us account!
Tag Galaxy - Looking for pictures?
Wordle - a fun way to generate word clouds (like you see on our handout)

Searching by file type

Looking for PowerPoint files?
In the Google search field put: filetype:ppt climate

Looking for Google Earth files?
In the Google search field put: filetype:kmz climate

Volcanoes .kmz file created by Karen Apolenis

iGoogle and RSS feeds


Create a Google Account
How to personalize your iGoogle account
How to Make iGoogle Your Homepage
iGoogle Instructions and Tips To add an RSS feed to your iGoogle page


K-12 teachers - sign up for free! - no ads on your wikispaces!
video tutorials

Below is the video called "Wikis in Plain English."

Sample Science Wikis:

AP Chemistry
Mrs. Harris' Science Wiki
Open Science Wiki
ScienceInquirer - free resources for science teachers
8th Grade Science
Mike's Physics Wiki

Embedding your own student made videos:

The little girl traveled 230 ft. on her scooter. Can you figure out how fast she was traveling after viewing the video? What information would you need to calculate the answer?

Embedding Videos from other websites

The Jason Project
Operation: Monster Storm

Converting videos
Found a video on a website that is blocked by your school system? Use these sites to convert your video:
Download youtube videos

Sign up for free teachertube.com account