Theme 1: Journeys


Finding the Titanic

MVSC •1.E.4.b
Identify and explain what is directly stated in the text Main ideas, supporting details, and other information stated in the text

Hear Robert Ballard speak about his mission in life - a NOAA video clip

Vocabulary PowerPoint for "Finding the Titanic" - Available in WCBO's Desire2Learn. Login required. Look under "Instructional Resources" -> Content -> Grade 4 Reading.

There are video clips inserted in the slides but these must be downloaded from Unitedstreaming. See below.

Unitedstreaming video clip: Main Idea: Pyramid Plunder (02:14) login required

Unitedstreaming: Unsafe Waters. select video segment: Titanic: Anatomy of a Disaster (33:58) Discovery Channel School - login required. This video clip can be edited.

Interactive webpages for main idea:

Topic Sentence/Main Idea
Show What You Know
Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Floods
Main Idea - "Water" - Manatee, Florida
Main Idea - "Lighthouses" - Manatee, Florida
Practice Supporting Details - Oswego School District

This is an interview with Titanic survivor, Edith Russell, made in 1975.

This is a Youtube video clip. Youtube is blocked at school. Sorry!