document camera

Ways to Use a Document Camera with Students


Early Grades
  1. Colors – from a group of objects of various colors, select objects of a certain color and place them in a circle drawn on a piece of paper under the document camera.
  2. shapes – similar activity. Use objects of various shapes... buttons, small flat tiles, etc. Have students move objects that match the named shape into a certain space under the document camera. Pattern blocks would be good to use.
  3. letters – gather pictures of things that begin with certain letters… mitten, book, pencil, etc. Place only the objects that begin with the correct letter under the document camera.
  4. words – use letter tiles and make words in the same “family” for example…. Place “a” and “t” together under the document camera. Then give a student a “c” and then an “h” to place in front of the “-at” to make new words.
  5. Word tiles can be used for a sorting activity. – long vowels, short vowels…
  6. Put word tiles in alphabetical order.
  7. Use paper clips to measure objects under the document camera for measuring with non-standard units.
  8. Demonstrate how to use a ruler under the document camera. Then invite students to come to the front and measure an object under the document camera.
  9. Students can demonstrate an addition or subtraction problem by showing “in all” under the document camera or by showing how many objects are “left” when some are taken away.