Even and Odd Numbers and Number lines


Identify and describe whole numbers as even or odd (0-100)
Represent whole numbers on a number line (0-500)

CompassLearning Odyssey: Number Naming (Activity #20176) odd and even numbers, includes a short quiz. *login required*
CompassLearning Odyssey: Mailman Mangi (Activity #20238) number line, includes a short quiz *login required*
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Even and Odd Numbers - color the even and odd numbers a certain color to make a "paint by number" picture. Interactive website
Mr. Odd and Mrs. Even (Allen McCarthy) external image vnd.ms-powerpoint.png mrodd_mrseven.ppt [from http://www.primaryresources.co.uk/maths/mathsB2.htm ]

Number Lines - create your own number line by selecting the beginning number and increments

Video clip - Even and Odd Numbers - from Unitedstreaming. *login required*